Heart recently launched a new, flexible service offering.

A flexible recruitment offering? Yes.

What, no massive 20% fees? No.

Flexible support? Meaning I can choose (and pay for) only what I need? Yes.

I know this isn’t what you’re used to.

It’s not what you expect. But it is what some organisatons need. Maybe most organisations (time will tell).

The future of work – and recruitment – is flexible.

It’s also more collaborative, more transparent and more customer-focused.

Recruitment is a people business. I reckon we should put people – and customers - at the centre of what we do.

So that’s what I did. 

Based on many years of experience and really listening to what my customers want and need, I decided to design a service offering that can flex to meet the needs of the customer.

Some customers want an external recruiter to look after everything, end-to-end. The traditional outsourced model. Great – we can do that – with Heart Exclusive.

Other customers have an in-house recruitment/talent team that might need support with sourcing specialist skills and background. Or they’re trying to recruit for 20+ jobs across multiple different business units and they simply don’t have the bandwidth to give all of those 20 jobs, and 20 hiring managers – and hundreds of candidates – a great experience and the best outcome.

This customer doesn’t need to outsource everything – but they need help with the most time consuming part of the recruitment process – getting from brief to shortlist. Enter Heart’s most popular flexible offering – Heart Shortlist.

Another customer might be a small business or start up with no in-house recruitment or HR function. The founder or hiring manager knows how crucial it is to get the right people in the team - but they’re already wearing several ‘hats’ and while they know recruitment is business-critical process – it’s not their ‘day job’.

There are a couple of different options for this customer – including Heart Retained or Heart Consult. The same specialist, professional support – with ultimately flexibility.

No matter what part/s of the recruitment process you need support with, Heart has a solution – a flexible, cost-effective solution that will help you attract and engage the best people to your team.

Flexible, transparent options. A collaborative approach. Customer-focused offerings.

Since the launch of this new service offering, 75% of clients have opted for one of the non-traditional, flexible options. Here are some recent examples:

Role: Community Fundraising Officer
Client: Small nfp with 25 staff and $9m revenue
Hiring manager: Head of Philanthropy and Community Giving
Scope: Manage the entire process from brief to placement and beyond
Service offering: Heart Retained
Project cost: 45% less than an average placement fee 

Role: Chief Executive Officer
Client: Small nfp with 10 staff and $1m revenue
Hiring manager: Board of Directors
Scope: Review applications, recommend process, proactively source candidates to widen candidate pool,  conduct initial interviews, recommend five candidates to meet Board.
Service offering: Heart Consult
Project cost: 80% less than an average placement fee

Role: Fundraising Manager
Client: Small nfp with 30 staff and $5.3 revenue
Hiring manager: GM Partnerships and Engagement
Scope: Proactively source additional candidates to widen candidate pool.
Service offering: Heart Shortlist
Project cost: 78% less than an average placement fee

The moral of the story? It is possible to get recruitment support that suits you.. You’re the customer.

One size doesn’t have to fit all. 

No compromise on quality or service or results – just a customer-focused, flexible approach.