I recently interviewed and surveyed hiring managers about the challenges they face with recruitment.

Surprisingly, half of the hiring managers I spoke to don’t get support from a HR/people and culture team for their recruitment.

When they do get recruitment support, I asked them what they’d like their recruitment partner (internal or external) to do more of.

Here’s what I learned.

91% of hiring managers want the person sourcing candidates to have an in-depth understanding of the role and skills required.

55% would value a recruitment partner with personal experience in the field/s they’re recruiting for.

Here’s the ultimate hiring manager wish list:

Be proactive

Listen to my needs

Really understand the brief

Have honest conversations

‘What I need most is honest communication. I understand that strong candidates are difficult to find so if it’s becoming a challenge, let’s have that conversation’.

 ‘The best (internal) recruitment partner I've worked with actually sat down with me to take the brief. Just like one of my creative agencies would’.

‘Seek out top talent from the market using their networks – versus just relying on ‘in market’ applicants’.

In the next post, I’ll share the top 10 tips I learned from hiring managers in marketing, communication and fundraising.