Meet Melanie Loy.

What do you do, Mel?

"My 'day job’ is as a senior communications manager.

My 'passion' job is as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

By ‘day’, I lead a team who help guide senior leaders' communications and support organisational change.

By night (and on the weekend and at 5am most days), I teach group fitness classes and train PT clients. I also recently launched an online training and nutrition guide for pregnant and post-natal women… and I’m studying to be an Exercise Physiologist.

Why do you love it?

Being a group fitness instructor is - in my opinion - the best job in the world!

I get to lead people through a great workout to heart-pumping music, and everyone walks away on an endorphin high.

As a PT, I get to play a critical role in helping people change their lives - whether it's losing weight, gaining strength, recovering from an injury, preparing for childbirth, or preparing for an event.

Every client and every day is different, and you can be really creative with your programming and your choreography for classes.

A fitness career also offers a lot of flexibility and opportunities are always there for upskilling and learning new things, which I love!

Thanks, Mel for sharing your #lovework story.

This post is part of #lovework month. Throughout February, let’s talk about what we do and why we love it.

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