Meet Alex McGrath

What do you do, Alex?

I’m the founder of One Two She a specialist content marketing, personal branding and female engagement agency that works with brilliant women who do brilliant things. I’m also the part-time Marketing Manager of Central Finance Management Group.

If I were to sum it up in one word, I’m a storyteller. I create and curate content, and share it on a bunch of different web and social platforms. I’m a writer, and since we love multimedia content in this day and age, an amateur photographer, videographer, graphic designer and website developer.

I’m also a coach and strategist. My ultimate aim is for my clients to feel really comfortable with what they’re doing, and learn how to own it themselves. I break things down into bite sized chunks and make content creation and personal brand development easy and enjoyable. 

Why do you love it?

I founded One Two She because I wanted to combine the two things I love doing the most – working with inspiring women to help them grow and develop, and telling great stories. Given this niche isn’t really a full-time job out in the market, I figured it was time I created it for myself.

I’m also really passionate about diversity and inclusion, and I think some businesses do a really crap job at engaging women, hence my female engagement arm. I believe that women are the most valuable group to engage as potential employees, and given they influence the vast majority of household purchasing decisions, as customers too. I love the idea that I can help businesses to shift their brand and marketing efforts to be more inclusive, and as a result, create more valuable opportunities for women.

For part of the week I’m super lucky to call Central Finance Management Group my home as the team is hugely supportive of what I’m doing with One Two She, and of me as a human. The business is in a really exciting phase of growth and we’re trying out a bunch of new things that are keeping me on my toes.

Before founding One Two She, I wasn’t happy at work, and I was feeling really unfulfilled which was impacting life outside of work.

It’s true that it’s possible to love your work, and for someone like me, it’s absolutely essential.