Meet Richard Bannon.

What do you do, Rich? 

I’m proud to work in the Communications and Brand team at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

I plan, develop and distribute rich and engaging content for social media, including video production.

Why do you love it?

I love the opportunity to head into the field to film and produce video content for use across the Foundation’s channels. 

I embrace the opportunity to meet and share the stories of those who have been impacted by brain cancer to help raise funds and awareness of the disease.

Whether the talent is a donor, volunteer, ambassador, or even a fellow colleague, every story is different, but what doesn’t sway is the fact that each and every interview is based around the vision of finding a cure for brain cancer.

I also love the challenge of then piecing the video together. This is a process which I liken to putting together a puzzle, in that I have all the parts before me, but I just need to work out how it all fits with one another. And then, away it goes!