I had a fabulous, energising meeting this morning – with someone I met in a professional context – but with whom I can easily see a friendship forming. I walked away thinking how lucky I am to do what I do – and love it.

We spoke briefly about her experience with recruiters and my approach – a conversation which reminded me of all of the things I love about my job – and why it’s my chosen path.

So, to round up the first quarter of the year (can you believe it’s April next week?), I decided to write this post… a light-hearted read before the long weekend.

Confessions of a career recruiter

I love it. I genuinely do. I’m not doing it until I ‘figure out’ what else I want to do with my life…or to make big bucks (more on that later), I really do love helping people build their teams and careers.

It’s not my first career. I worked in corporate communications and marcomms for five years before I moved in to recruitment (my Mum has since reminded me that I showed an interest in recruitment not long after I started in communications – evidence that it was meant to be!).

It’s hard work. Things change, people change their mind – there are a LOT of things you can’t control. People are emotional first and rational second – so when you’re in the people business, you often can’t control the outcome.

I’ve never received a dollar in commission. It’s true! I started my recruitment career with a fabulous business that pays healthy base salaries + team-based bonuses (instead of low base salaries + commission based on how much money you bring in).

Since starting my own business, I have committed to keeping fees low and services flexible. This includes extra-low fees for not-for-profit organisation. Yes it’s a business – but it’s not all about money.

I never tire of meeting new people. It helps that I’m a textbook extrovert who gets my energy from the people around me. I haven’t kept track of how many people I’ve met and worked with as clients and candidates – but it’s a lot.

I’m a consultant. Yes I review CVs, interview people, present shortlists, arrange interviews, provide feedback, negotiate offers and do reference checks.

I also write and edit job descriptions; help clients re/structure teams; coach and support candidates through their job search; coach my clients on everything from interviewing to employer branding; provide salary benchmarks and market insights …. and anything else required to help my clients find and successfully hire the best marketing and communication people.

I’m a sounding board and an agony aunt. A guide to help people navigate the recruitment process.

Sometimes these things lead to a successful match between candidate and client. Sometimes they don’t. Either way, I love what I do.