This week marks Heart Recruitment’s 2nd birthday.

It has been an awesome two years and I want to say a big thanks to the clients and candidates who have been part of this journey.

It’s been a pleasure to meet you, get to know you and work with you to grow your careers and teams.

As is human nature when we’re approaching a milestone, I’ve been reflecting on the last two years and making plans for the year ahead.

Recently I’ve been following a recruitment business in the US who describe themselves as ‘pro-human’. While I love this tagline and their approach, it’s a sad indictment on our industry that this is a point of distinction.

Surely an industry which is all about helping people find jobs – and organisations, talent – should be ‘people first’? In a people business, surely being ‘pro human’ shouldn’t be a point of difference? Then again… perhaps it is.

This fairly obvious point has been the topic of many a conversation I’ve had since starting Heart Recruitment – usually when someone provides feedback on the brand, values or approach. The word ‘different’ is often used.

As you’ll know if you’ve worked with Heart or read any of my content – I’m passionate about good recruitment. Plain and simple. I’m dedicated to marketing and communication people and knowledgeable about this space. And most importantly, I’m open, honest and authentic.

I’m a big believer in aligning your personal values with your professional life. So it wasn’t too hard to define these values for my business:

passionate | knowledgeable | authentic

Someone once commented that these things – and the word ‘heart’ – is the antithesis of everything you expect of a business in the recruitment industry.

While this might be a bit harsh (I have worked with and met some fantastic, caring, honest recruiters), it is precisely why I chose to build my business on this brand and these values.

To be a bit different. And because I love what I do.

PS Happy Valentines Day!