Remember the days of job advertisements in the Saturday paper and hand delivering your CV?

What about hiring managers receiving CVs via fax?

Actually, this was before my time but I’ve heard the stories…

Over the last couple of decades, digital technology has changed the job search and recruitment processes beyond recognition.

We’re all familiar with digital recruitment platforms, cloud-based applicant tracking systems, online-only application processes and mobile apps for job searching. Social recruitment is no longer a new concept and in some circles, the video CV is standard practice.

So what’s next? What does the future of recruitment look like? Are the robots coming?

Before we talk about robots, I’d like to discuss the following ideas about the future of recruitment – as described in the Business News Daily article Hiring in the Digital Age:

It’s all about digital

While this is an obvious one, digital means so many things and has incredibly far-reaching implications – more on this later.

Candidates expect a fast, easy application process

I couldn’t agree more. In a time when great candidates can have their pick of job opportunities and employers, a lengthy or arduous application process is like a badly-designed online shopping experience – you’re likely to lose people before they complete the process.

Your employment brand is a key selling point

My thoughts exactly! I’ve written about the relationship between the recruitment process and your brand – and how to create a positive candidate experience. Just as customer experience (CX) is a fundamental aspect of marketing, candidate experience is a cornerstone element of your employer brand.

Employers need to focus on passive candidates

While this is one of the most time-consuming parts of recruitment, proactively searching for and engaging with potential employees is arguably just as important as responding to applicants. Of course, early engagement is most often via digital channels.

Data analytics are getting more sophisticated

We all know big data is key to marketing. The same is true for recruitment. Hiring managers and recruitment professionals can use social networks to connect with and search for potential employees, social data to identify high-potential passive candidates and cloud-based tools to find, evaluate and organise potential employees.

While staying on top of technology trends will certainly give recruiters and hiring managers an edge in finding the best talent, I agree with this article’s parting thought: Digital tools will never fully replace the human instinct necessary for identifying the right candidates.

Good news for recruiters and hiring managers – maybe the robots aren’t coming!

Or are they? Let’s tackle that question in the next post…